what's new?


actually, lots. the band expanded westward with janie and i both moving out to vancouver while justin and aileen (now married!) moved eastward to saskatoon. also, lonnie quit. where does this leave the band? well, we are focusing on recording the next album in vancouver with janie, myself, and new members spencer rose (drummer on i wanna dance from kaiser) and amelia mori. maybe justin and aileen will fly in for some sessions (just like the big rock stars that they are!).

the past 6 months have been less of a musical time for litterbug, as we are still getting used to new surroundings, new homes and the struggles to find decent jobs and a good studio. now that most of that is accomplished, litterbug is excited to get back to playing music, incorporating new members and recording an album of new material. some of those songs were previewed in shows in edmonton and vancouver last year, but most will be new to the listener.