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litterbug will be releasing its new album zero hour in early 2009. the album was recorded in the summer of 2008 at fairview baptist church in vancouver with the lineup of marc simao, janie cranfield, spencer rose and amelia mori. guests include larissa loyva (kellarissa, ex- p:ano, choir practice), josh rose (sick buildings, the holy sea, robe and allied) and brady cranfield (womankind, cowbell, ex-book of lists). with amelia off to australia, the band is looking to add some members for upcoming shows in early 2009. following that, litterbug will record more tracks for a follow-up album to zero hour, which should result in a world tour that will make the likes of guns 'n' roses blush. prospective tour stops include decatur, georgia, where marc still has a coupon for a free game of mini-golf; spencer, iowa, for obvious reasons; and literburg, denmark, a town that has free pastries after midnight.