what's new?


in february 2014, litterbug released a full-length album of lost songs and outtakes called stapler. the 15-song album contains many litterbug classics like organic and i cry for murderers. the limited edition release comes with an insert of liner notes and is available for $15 plus shipping.

in september 2013, litterbug started recording its next full-length album and an ep of cover songs. these are the first tracks recorded with the lineup of marc simao, janie cranfield, stewart lampe, spring burke, and justin harder. recordings are now almost done and mixing will begin soon. the band plans to release both albums in 2014, with the cover ep as a free download.

new t-shirts are being planned as are a slew of litterbug videos. if you have any suggestions or ideas, write to us at contact@litterbug.net and let us know. get on our mailing list when you buy an album and receive a free litterbug christmas card next year!

send us your recipes, fortunes from cookies, and your old love letters that are too painful to keep.