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Check out the new be my valentine xylophone video from the soon to be released album the scent of new skins!


in february 2015, litterbug released a new full-length album called the scent of new skins. the 16-song album is the first album recorded with stewart lampe and spring burke and marks the return to litterbug of justin harder. with janie cranfield and marc simao, litterbug returns with it’s first set of new songs in 5 years. the limited edition release is available for $15 plus shipping. the band has been working on some videos to coincide with the album’s release. look for videos on youtube soon for be my valentine xylophone, 5/6ths of the 1980s, and they’re teaching the robots to dance. also recorded at the same time as the scent of new skins, is a 5-song covers ep that litterbug will release as a free download sometime in 2015. new t-shirts are coming in 2015. send us your suggestions, ideas and musings. write to us at contact@litterbug.net. get on our mailing list when you buy an album and receive a free litterbug christmas card next year! litterbug wishes you all a happy dining experience and a reason to smile every day.